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Members contributed to the following report:
Caregiver Voice through a Quantitative Lens
On how to best measure what caregiving means for

- caregivers’ health and wellbeing;
- how they are valued, respected, and treated;
- and the effect of caregiving on their lives.

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 We are people with patient/caregiver experiences working for improvement.

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Things we'd like to know about healthcare, research and patient engagement.

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Français: Regard unique ou mixte? Qu'est-ce que ça change? (PDF)

By Carolyn Canfield

When we are advisors in healthcare as patients and caregivers, it is assumed we bring our perspective to the table. But what is that perspective?

Doesn't everyone have a different perspective on the healthcare system, given our unique histories and that of our families and friends?

Sure. But there is a fundamental difference if you are or have ALSO been a healthcare provider or insider in another aspect of the healthcare world.

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A Story
Coaching on How to Use the Patient Voice

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) 
supported 22 improvement initiatives across Canada in 2014-15 to include the patient/caregiver perspective. CFHI provided their projects coaching help from experienced patient and family caregiver advisors (PFAs).

Heather ThiessenHeather Thiessen, a Saskatoon-based patient advisor, is just such a coach. 

Coaching improvement teams on how to include patients and caregivers can make a difference.

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©  2017  Patient Advisors Network

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