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A Caregiver Partner Takes Charge

Caregivers across Canada have been upset and anguished with the policies keeping them out of hospitals and long-term care homes since the pandemic began. In most cases, they were not involved with developing these policies.

Family caregivers provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for their loved ones. They are the patient’s advocate, they understand the patient’s needs and preferences, keep track of medications, know the patient’s history, provide wound care and so much more. Hospital and long-term care home staff often rely on this support. Restricting access leaves a huge hole in the healthcare system when the essential family caregiver is not there.

Carole Ann Alloway, a caregiver partner, responded by creating the following document containing visitor/essential caregiver policy recommendations for the reopening of Toronto hospitals and long-term care homes. These have impacted the guidelines created by the Toronto Region.

Key highlights:

Recommendations in this policy include three tiers:

  1. Essential care partners – those that are the most familiar with the patient’s history, condition, and can take care of their complex needs. Providing access to essential care partners should be prioritized in the first stage of caregiver reintegration. 
  2. Family caregivers – those that offer support to the patient when they are being cared for at home, outside of the hospital. Family caregivers should be the next group to get access to their loved ones. 
  3. Visitors – those that bring emotional and spiritual support to the patients. Visitors should be allowed visitation rights when the coast is clear.

To learn more about these recommendations, Visitor Policy – Carole Ann Alloway. You can also become a PAN member today and join our discussion board on this important piece of the pandemic puzzle.