CPPS Survey


Share Your Experiences Engaging with the Healthcare System By Completing a Survey for the Canadian Patient Partner Study

Deadline to complete survey: November 13th, 2020

What is the opportunity?

The Canadian Patient Partner Study wants you to complete a survey about your experience engaging with the health system. This information will be used to gain a better understanding of who is being engaged and how to work more effectively with patient partners to improve the healthcare system.

The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

By completing this survey you will be entered in a draw with a chance to win $200.

What is the purpose of this Study?

Patient Partners contribute more than ever to improving Canadian healthcare, yet there is a lot unknown about this growing rate. Through this survey, the Canadian Patient Partner Study seeks to understand:

  • Who the patient partners are
  • How they are improving healthcare
  • What they bring to their roles are patient partners
  • What they find challenging, and
  • How they are currently being supported

You can complete this survey if you have experience with the health system as a patient, client, family member, caregiver, etc., and have participated in engagement activities with health organizations or government. These could include organizations that provide health services, training health care providers, or that advise, manage, or fund the health system.

Time Commitment: approximately 30 minutes
Location (online): https://surveys.mcmaster.ca/limesurvey/index.php/719152

At the end of this survey, you will have a chance to enter a draw for 1 of up to 20 $200 prizes. The prize will be awarded in the form of a cheque or a donation to your selected charity. To enter the draw, you will need to provide your name and e-mail address. This information will not be linked in any way with your survey data, which will remain anonymous.

For more information:

Whether you’re new to your patient partner role or have been doing this for a long time, please consider participating in this survey. Your responses will provide important information about patient partners in Canadian healthcare. If you have questions about the survey you may send an email to [email protected]