Taking our Seat

As advisors, we have a seat at the healthcare table more and more often.  How do we make the most of our opportunities?  In order to be more effective, we need to keep learning without losing our perspectives as recipients of care or family/friend caregivers.

This is a challenge!

For many of us advisors, we want to learn more about

  • the healthcare system and how it works across Canada
  • patient engagement – involving advisors in all parts of healthcare
  • health research and how we can be involved as partners not just subjects

As members, we have a private discussion board where we explore topics, many related to our involvement with healthcare as advisors. We use what we learn from these discussions to write a PAN blog on topics of note.

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We can always learn from what others have done well. We collect stories about engaging patients and families to help improve healthcare by working with healthcare organizations and professionals.

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Thinking about Patient Engagement 2.0
and Communities of Practice

a blog post by Alies Maybee Jan 5, 2018

Dr. Danielle Martin
on Treating Canada’s Healthcare System

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