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Coming together as a community of patient partners

The Patient Advisors Network (PAN) is a community of people who have received health services or cared for those who have and are committed to improving healthcare as patient partners and advisors for the good of all across Canada.

Partnering as a patient/caregiver in healthcare can be lonely work. No matter what we call ourselves, we are often working alone or with a few others like us.

PAN was formed to provide us a community home.  A place to discuss topics of interest to us; a place to learn from and support each other. 

PAN is also a platform for sharing our insights both as individuals and as a collective. 

We are a Canadian, federally incorporated, not-for-profit group and are privately funded. We look to attract funding from people and organizations that support our mandate; to make change within Canadian healthcare.

We do NOT advise patients.

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Our Objectives 

We collaborate with healthcare providers, researchers, administrators, and policymakers to: 

  1. Mobilize our experience in patient and family partnership: 
    ​to ensure that applying the wisdom gained from the lived experience of patients and families becomes the norm for all aspects of healthcare.
  2. Support and build capacity: 
    Among people working towards better healthcare experiences and outcomes, both for users and workers in healthcare.

Important Definitions

We define patients as individuals with personal physical or mental health experience with any aspect of the healthcare system in Canada. This includes individuals who might be called clients or residents, depending upon the healthcare context they are in.

We define family as family members or friends identified by the patient as their family. Family includes parents of children with mental or physical health issues. Family also includes children of parents with mental or physical health issues that limit their capacity to manage on their own.

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PAN is the next generation of patient and family involvement. We believe that harnessing the collective power of patients and families will transform healthcare.