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New PAN Report

Check out the Person Generated Health Data (PGHD) Principles Report on the Insights page.

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Making conferences count
2018 PAN Conference Evaluation Report

We are happy to present our first report on what we heard from patients and caregivers who attended 2018 healthcare and health research conferences and completed our survey.

We learned conferences vary widely on how well they include and support patient partners.

The report highlights best practices for effective patient and caregiver participation enriching the experience for all attendees.

Click here for the full report.

Don't forget to fill in a survey for each conference in 2019.


4 Tips for welcoming patients to your conference

4 Tips for making the most of your conference experience

Patients and Caregivers

Tell us about your 2019 healthcare conference experience (anonymously)

Conference Evaluation survey

Fill out a survey for each conference.
Working towards improving our experiences at conferences.


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