Patient Advisors Network


Patient Advisors Network (PAN) is a community of patient partners who are committed to help improve Canadian healthcare for all.

 We come together within the PAN Community to learn from each other to:

  • get to know each other
  • learn how to be an effective patient partner
  • find out what opportunities there are to be involved
  • learn about research, education, conferences, webinars and workshops you can participate in
  • and how to get started as a patient partner or advisor

To learn more about the benefits of joining PAN click here to go to the Members tab.

The PAN Community also provides opportunities

  • to share our collective insights and patient engagement resources
  • participate in community initiatives or projects

Please note PAN does not advise patients.

Patient partners are people with patient and caregiving experiences who collaborate within the healthcare system as individuals to share our insights and experiences in order to improve healthcare.

In some cases, the label used is Patient Advisor or Patient and Family Advisor. No matter the name, we perform the role of a patient partner.

PAN Impact Diagram

COVID- 19 Update

The PAN Community members’ mission has never been more important than now. Patients, their families, and caregivers must be welcomed to help design, plan, and deliver the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Questions of ethics and privacy, as well as many other concerns in combating COVID-19, are at the center of urgent healthcare decision-making.

The needs and wants of patients, their family members, and caregivers must be a priority every step of the way. Join fellow patient partners in discussion on ways to help healthcare leaders understand a better way forward, together.

PAN’s Insights

Selected patient partner insights. For more, go to the Insights tab.


PAN’s Resources

Selected patient engagement resources. For more, go to the Resources tab.

Post an Opportunity

Have an opportunity to share? If you have an event that our community can participate in and learn from, we’d love to hear from you. Opportunities can range from hospital-organized events to health conferences and workshops. Fill out the form below to submit an inquiry to the PAN community.