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Patient partners/advisors, share your experiences engaging with the healthcare system by completing a survey for the Canadian Patient Partner StudyCLICK HERE for the Survey. Deadline is Dec 4, 2020.

The aim of this study is to improve our understanding of the origins and motivations, defining features, experiences and contributions of the patient partner and advisor role in the Canadian health system. The online survey will provide a key source of data to explore these questions.

PAN is proud to collaborate with Julia Abelson and Meredith Vanstone at McMaster University in this important work to understanding patient partners and what we do in Canada.

Please share widely with all the patient partners you know.

For more details about the survey, click CPPS Survey Details.


Patient partnership during COVID-19

Patient partners!

PAN’s manifesto* for mobilizing the collective power of patients and families to transform healthcare has never been more important. Patients, their families and caregivers must be welcomed to help design, plan and deliver the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Questions of ethics and privacy, as well as many other concerns in combating COVID-19 are at the centre of urgent healthcare decision-making.

The needs and wants of patients, their family members and caregivers must be a priority every step of the way. Join fellow patient advisors in discussion to help healthcare leaders understand a better way forward, together.

*To learn more, check out PAN’s manifesto



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